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Blue Eyed Cockatoo

Courtesy Of Tobias In Germany

Courtesy Of Christian Paul Stobbe

Blue Eyed Cockatoo-Cacatua ophthalmica 

Size-20 inches 

Weight-500 to 570 grams 

Description-Large backward curving yellow feathers that are hidden, until raised. Plumage is white with yellow suffusion under the wings and tail feathers. Beak is black as is the eyes of a male. The females eyes are usually reddish in color. 

Origin-Bismarck Archipelago: New Britain and New Ireland 

Pet Quality-This bird is too rare to be considered as a pet. In other peoples experiences this is one of the Best in personalities of the Cockatoo species, they love to play, are affectionate, lay on their backs, can be picked up in any fashion, and love to mimic just about anything! 

Status-Extremely Rare




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