Avian Companions Quiz
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1What is the shaft of the feather called?

2What is a Cockatoo Saying when he Strikes his Foot on the Pearch?
My Foot Itches!
This is my Territory-Get Out!

3What Foot do Cockatoos usually Eat with?

4How much Sleep does a Cockatoo Require?
8 Hours
12 Hours

5How often should you bathe your Cockatoo?
At Least Two Good Soakings per Week
Light Mist once a Week

6When a Cockatoo Quivers when you are Snuggling with it, What does this Mean?
I am Cold!
I want to Mate with you!

7What is a Cockatoo Saying when His Crest is Raised and Wings are Extended?
I'm Hot! I need to Cool off!
I am Really Excited!

8When a Cockatoo has his Wings, Tail Feathers, Crest errected and hops around making funny sounds-What does this mean?
I've gone Nuts!
Mating Dance

9When a Cockatoo Bobs up and down on a perch-What does this mean?
I can't get my Balance right!
I am Showing off and want attention!

10When a Cockatoo Paces back and forth on a Perch-What does this mean?
I am Nervous!
I am getting exercise!

11When a Cockatoo Grinds his beak at bedtime-What does this mean?
I am relaxed and ready to go to bed.
I have something stuck on my beak!

12When a Cockatoo extends all of his feathers and shakes hard-What is this called?

13When you Sketch a Cockatoo-What does this mean?
Make a Picture!
A good scratch around the neck area!

14What is the number one sign of a sick bird?
Puffed Feathers, Discharge, Not Eating
Weight Loss!

15How often should you have your bird Vet Checked?
At least once a year
Whenever he looks sick

16What is a Primary on a Cockatoo?
Flight Feathers
Tail Feathers

17What is a Cockatoos Neck Called?

18What are a Cockatoo's Nostrils Called?

19What are Cockatoo Contours?
Feathers on the Legs
Smaller Feathers Located all over the body of the Cockatoo

20What is a Crop?
A large Field
Holding Area for food dispersal

21What is a Cockatoos Stomach Called?
Proventriculus and Ventriculus
Ileum and Duodenum

22How are Cockatoos Classified in the Bird World?
All of them are Parrots!
A Cockatoo is Cacatuinae with three tribes of Calyptorhynchini, Cacatuini and Calopsittacini!

23What is the Cockatoos Beak called?
Upper and Lower Joints
Upper and Lower Mandibles

24What Eye Color does a Mature Female Have?
Usually Reddish Brown
Usually Black

25What Eye Color does a Mature Male Cockatoo Have?
Usually Gray-Black
Usually Reddish Brown

26Who is the Oldest Living Cockatoo recorded?
Sydney the Sulphur Crested at 85 years
Cocky Bennett the Sulphur Crested at 120 years

27Can Cockatoo's Display Emotions?
Yes! In "Cockatoo Language" of course!
No! They are just animals with "No Feelings"

28What is an indicator that a Cockatoo is in good health?
Lack of "Powder Dust
Tons of "Powder Dust

29Is it okay to have Cats around birds?
Yes! As long as they are watched!
No! Cats saliva alone can kill a bird!

30What do Cockatoo Cheek Feathers do?
Cover the Beak, no other birds can do this!
Keep their Cheeks warm!