Avian Companions

Frequently Asked Questions

       Hello! I am Gene, the owner of Avian Companions. This page answers some of the more common questions about Avian Companions, It's Rules and it's Policies. Carefully Review this page and if you disagree-please do not continue on.


About Avian Companions

1). My birds are hand fed and raised from day one. Raising is simulated to how the parents raise them in the wild. There is no force feedings and the babies are not weaned until 5 or 6 months of age. This results in a much "Tamer" baby that thinks that they are "Human" too.

2). I am a small aviary with attention to every detail of the babies upbringing. Arrangements can be made for you to come and pick up the baby at Dallas-Fort Worth or Dallas Love Field airports. Customer is responsible for all Shipping Charges and other charges necessary to ship the baby.

3). All babies are raised by me and a avian vet and his staff which are bird professionals. All babies are vet checked and healthy.

4). I have been in business for over 23 years. I am a Cockatoo Specialist.

5). Babies come with an Framed Adoption Certificate, Baby Photo Album from day one, Stainless steel leg bands for ID, and a presentation case with the babies egg that it hatched out of.

6). Most of my babies talk and they do not scream-this is due to the raising process.


Rules and Policies

1). I do not sell unweaned Babies!

2). If you are looking for a "Bargin Bird" this is not the place you need to be. These are High Quality Cockatoos that have been raised properly and are the sweetest that you will find.

3). I do not give out prices until you pass my "Adoption Screening Process". Just E-Mail me to apply.

4). I will try and help with any questions-but if it becomes extensive-a Consulting Fee will be applied. You can pay by check or money order. E-Mail me for details.

5). I will not "Teach you" how to hand feed a Cockatoo over the computer! This requires experience and inexperienced people can kill a baby in a matter of seconds!!

6). Feeding is a controversial subject at this time, no one really knows the right quantities to feed. I simulate what they would naturally eat in the wild with added supplements and a variety of Fruits and Vegetables.

7). If the Babies page says "Sold Out" this means that I do not have any babies at this time.

8). I cannot predict when I am going to have a baby, this is a natural thing and it happens when it happens.

9). I do not give Veterinary Advice. If you think that your bird is sick, Take him to a Qualified Avian Veterinarian.

10). You must have previous Large Bird knowledge to pass my Adoption Screening Test.