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Major Mitchells


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Courtesty Of Aviceda

Cookie At Brookfield Zoo 75 Years Old

Major Mitchells-Cacatua leadbeateri

Size-14 inches

Weight-360 to 480 grams

Description-The most Beautiful of all the Cockatoos, The crest when erected is white at the tip, then orange with a central band of yellow which is broader in the female. The underparts and tail are white, while the underparts and side of the head are Salmon pink. The undersides of the flight and tail feathers are suffused with Salmon pink.


Pet Quality-The Major Mitchells is not a favorite pet as it lacks the loving abilities that all of the other cockatoo species have. It is also considered to be less intelligent as the other cockatoo species. All cockatoos have marked personalities and that alone can determine the pets quality. This cockatoo is mainly for breeders who are experts at raising cockatoos, as they have a history of attacking the females (Mate Aggression).












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