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Triton Cockatoo 

Triton Cockatoo-Cacatua galerita triton

Size-17 to 18 inches

Weight-550 to 650 grams

Description-Large white bird with a yellow crest, and yellow under the wings and tail.

Origin-New Guinea, Western Papuan Islands, D'Entrecasteaux and Louisiade archipelagos, and Islands in Trobriand and Woodlark groups, Indonesia, Ceramlaut and Goramlaut, Caroline Islands in the Pacific and the Palau Islands.

Pet Quality-The Triton Cockatoo is for Experienced bird people only! They can be very demanding, loud, and destructive. You will have to devote at least 1 hour per day to quality out time with their human companion. They are a little more nervous than their big brother the "Greater SulphurCrested Cockatoo".

Status-Common but "Endangered"

This Cockatoo was made famous by the Television Show "Baretta" in which The Cockatoos name was "Fred". There were actually 4 different Acting Cockatoos for the show! Only two of the Cockatoos are still alive and doing well in California. This was the first animal EVER! to recieve awards for acting in the film industry.





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