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Budgie Video Budgie Video
I believe this Australian produced video called "All About Budgerigars" is still the most informative and entertaining video available, especially for the pet owner, in the world today.
(budgerigarassociation.htm) (budgerigarassociation.htm)
Budgerigar Research Association, Budgie, Magazine.
Budgerigars Galore - Budgerigar Breeders'Archive Budgerigars Galore - Budgerigar Breeders'Archive
Budgerigars Galore is a resource of over 300 pages of information on English exhibition budgerigars, dealing with genetics, breeding, management and feeding, diseases, popular varieties, specialist an.
Me & My Budgie Me & My Budgie
The Me & My Budgie Site features resources on budgie parakeet health, diet, safety, training, arts, crafts, stories, toys, and more.

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