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Bare Eyed Cockatoo 

http://www.flickr.com/photos/sergioalexandro/ / CC BY 2.0

Courtesty Of Brett Donald

Little Corella-Cacatua Sanguinea

Size-15 inches

Weight-430 to 580 grams

Description-White lores are pink (also base feathers are pink) with yellow under wings and tail crest is a short helmet shape.

Origin-Australia, Southern New Guinea

Pet Quality-The little Corella is the best talker of all of the Cockatoos. This is a delightfull cockatoo that is the clown of all cockatoos! They will do all kinds of funny things just to get your attention but they can also be very affectionate. This Cockatoo is very intelligent, so much so that it is really scary!

Status-Common in Australia

The Little Corella will become a very cherished pet , You just have to get used to the Bare Patches under the eyes! Once you do, you will never want anything else!


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