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Umbrella Cockatoo 


Umbrella Cockatoo-Cacatua Alba

Size-Ranges from 18 to 20 inches

Weight-500 to 630 grams

Description- Large White bird with Yellow under the wings and tail. Crest is totally white.

Orgin-Indonesia.Northern Moluccan Islands-Halmahera, Bacan.

Pet Quality- The white Cockatoo is a very affectionate bird. Even the wild caught birds can be very loving to their Humans! They require quality out time with their humans every day and are willing to do anything to get their favorite persons attention! They love to snuggle , kiss, and be petted all the time, most favorite spots being under the wings and around the Crest and head area. They require this attention or problems will result in the form of Screeming or feather picking. This is a highly intelligent bird.





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